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As you may know, the Thurston County Superior Courthouse currently houses portraits of every former Thurston County Superior Court judge who has served since 1915. Judge Lisa Sutton was appointed by Governor Gregoire on November 29, 2010 to the Thurston County Superior Court Bench as the county's 29th Superior Court Judge. She was re-elected in 2011 and 2012. As a Superior Court Judge, she served as a Criminal Presiding judge, Civil Trial judge, and as a Family & Juvenile Court judge.

Due to her stellar judicial acumen, Governor Inslee appointed Judge Sutton to the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II on July 22, 2014.  She was then elected to this position on November 4, 2014. Because of her quick ascension to the Court of Appeals and short time on the Thurston County bench, a decision was made to not fund a portrait of Judge Sutton to commemorate her time as a Thurston County Superior Court judge.

In an effort to remedy this, the GLBA Board is reaching out to seek funding to commemorate this excellent jurist.

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The GLBA Board

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